Friday, April 20, 2012

Would You Eat A Rotten Orange?

Would you eat a rotten orange?

If you did, it would make you sick. It would... Impair you.

"Girl, she is spoiled rotten" **Big grin**...... "Really? Eww... That's disgusting."

That's not normally how that convo goes, but it should. Why do we think a spoiled rotten child is something we should brag about? If company comes to my house and finds an orange in the bottom tray that was forgotten about six months ago.. I'm embarrassed of it's presence. It's so nasty because it looks like I forgot about something that used to be pure & sweet. How could I have let this happen? Shame on me.

When you spoil a child, you are depriving them of good character. How does a rotten child act? Impatient, demanding, disrespectful. All the nasty qualities you wouldn't want anyone to find.

I know you want everyone to think you're a great parent. I know your excuse is that you want them to have more than you did when you were growing up. And I know it's so fun to show off, and it's pretty when shiny things sparkle. But you have to remember where we live. In America, where there is no royalty. Only a leeching government who sucks your blood every Friday, and citizens obsessed with out-blinging the next. It's apparent because of our economic state. People charging their lives away and then crying bankruptcy. And you still think it's cute to instill materialistic values in your child? I know.. You don't want to be told how to raise your child. But um... Wake up. Get off your parenting high horse and stop jousting your kid's future.

There was a King, and He did leave a manual for us. A virtue is a virtue because it's in our own best interest to posses them.  Weapons against anything that tries to attack us in life. The feeling of knowing that you can survive on your own is like holding power in your hands. Someone who expects things to be given to them is already disabled. You won't be able to push a wheelchair forever...

A child shouldn't be spoiled, just like an orange shouldn't have fuzz. It's not cute and it's not funny. And they're going to be so pissed when they find out you didn't tell them that the world is bigger than the toy isle in Walmart. 

-F. Tate

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Run Before You Get Wrinkles.

Dating A Married Man, Are We?

So.. You knew he was married, but you just couldn't help yourself. He was so fine. He looked at you and it felt so right, and when you got together it was magic! He's attracted to you the same way you're attracted to him and you don't even have a motive. It's gotta be written in the stars somewhere... You loved each other so quickly.

He's been married for about ten years, right? Give or take. He & his wife don't even sleep in the same room anymore because they just can't stand each other. It's been like that for years... Although they have a few young children. In the back of your mind, you ignore the obvious and believe him. You want to, because he's already told you everything you've never heard anyone else say about your body. Who knew all of those flaws were jewels in a treasure chest?! All these compliments must be true! You didn't feel your self esteem hit you in the head before it shot through the roof, but it did.

He's such an honest man. Always does what's he's supposed to. Works so hard to be an excellent provider. He's human too, needs physical love and you think he deserves it. So you give it to him. He only stays in an unhappy relationship because he cherishes his kids. What a great father. To put them first, so righteous. He must be the best parent in the world to choose them over your precious self and to stay with this woman who is so horrible to him. You even admire him for it. Still, you feel it's such a tragedy that you can't really be together. So you behave yourself, hoping he'll see you as the perfect, sweetest woman and decide to maybe... If dreams do come true... Leave his wife for you as soon as the kids are grown. 

Babe, this is what's going to happen:

If his wife isn't pregnant right now, she will be next week. She's not stupid, and she loves her man. Throw away the calendar you've been marking. No more need to count down the days until the kids you know about have their 18th birthdays. When you find out about the new one, you will muster up a selfish courage and ask "Why are you having another baby?!" in an impatient voice. He is going to tell you that it is none of your business how many kids he and his wife have or will have. It's going to break your poor little heart. You didn't even know he was capable of saying something so cruel to you. He might mend it with words later, but if you stick around and keep waiting, his future excuse will be that he can't leave... Because of the grand kids. Run before you get wrinkles.

He might really love you, but I promise he loves your golden pussy AND his family more. Variety is the spice of life, and he's been eating steak & potatoes everyday for the past ten years. You'd be dying for some pizza too. He wants your apple pie like a gentleman on death row wants freedom. He got a taste and he loves it to death. He is trying to kill you. Your soul, that is. You see, if he breaks you down enough, the miracle of having his cake and being able to eat it too will occur. He is bored and you are his entertainment. You like watching the circus, don't you? But you have no desire to get up and join in, do you? Neither does he, and he never will.

With love always,
-F. Tate

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Racism Isn't Ignorant

We are fully aware that the amount of melanin in one’s skin does not effect their character.
As adults, most of us have taken the mandatory anatomy/physiology and basic science classes in high school. Even if the system skipped you, you still have the common sense you were born with. You haven’t lived under a rock, and you have eyes and ears.
Ignorance is defined as being unaware of something. So... If you’re racist, you’re simply being mean. Racism is defined as a form of hate. Meanness is hate in it’s simplest form.
Do you know what hate feels like? Of course you do. Back to school again, don’t you remember being bullied? You were just an innocent child, why did that happen to you? It happened because of hate. Someone wanted to pick on you, simply to be mean. And wait... As an adult, what do you tell your child the reason is, that their bully picks on them? That the bully has a problem within themselves, and that there is nothing personally wrong with your child. That’s what I tell my son.
Racism hurts. Pain effects quality of life. Life is short. Racism is mean and immature. You are an adult and you are not ignorant, so cut it out.
-F. Tate